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How to play SedotMini Version?
You can using Media Player Classic Home Cinema under Windows. For Linux users, we recommend SMPlayer. Don't forget to use the latest codec like K-Lite or CCCP.

What about VLC?
Use their latest version if you want it. Minimum version is 2.0.1.

What about Windows Media Player?
Just install latest codec from like K-Lite or CCCP.

Are your releases softsub or hardsub?
Our releases are same as the official fansub except with smaller size. So check to the official fansub first to know about it. But since in the middle of December 2012, we implement new policy for 480p releases. Any 480p releases that have total fonts bigger than 2MB will be converted to hardsub to save the size. That’s right, as we concern people that want 480p version usually looking for small size and we often saw some fansub attaching fonts with total size around 10MB or more, so if converted to hardsub, 480p version really saving size with this policy. I don’t know what anime that will be converted to hardsub because our system detect it automatically. And following with new policy, Anime 720p [A-Destiny] Toriko is converted to hardsub for my own purpose :D.

Why is sometime the files can't be played/rendered or the image sometime like blocking/not clear?
If you have follow the steps up there and still got this problem, it's mean your download is corrupt. You can check the CRC32 in the end of files to compare with your downloaded files. You can download CRC32 tools here

Example : [yibis]_One_Piece_603_[720p][SeMi][E638459B].mkv, the CRC32 of the file would be E638459B. Then you can check your downloaded file with CRC32 tools that I mentioned before to compare with original CRC32. If it's not same then your file is corrupt when download. You must re-download again to get the correct CRC32.

Download Link

Why are every times I clicked the post always go to FAQ Page?
Now SeMi is private community. Only available for members.

What are DDL links?
DDL links are direct links without waiting time and support resume and download manager easily. It's implement in early March 2013. So before that most of the links are dead.

Why I can't see DDL links?
DDL linkd are only for member/donatur to prevent abusing of it so it will keep live longer and don't easily got suspended by the host.

Can I share the download links or re-upload it to other file hosting?
No, you can't.
You can share the files offline with your friends.


Why do you need this ?
As you know, We must pay for server cost, domain, and etc to run this site. To run this site we need around €84.99/month, for web server, encoding server, DDL Server and File Hosting.

Detail of our expense every month are:

  • Dedicated Server for Web Server, Encoding and DDL function Xeon E3-1230v3, 32GB RAM, SW RAID 2x2TB, 50TB B/W €74.99
  • File Hosting  €9
  • Domain name €1

Total is €84.99 that we must pay every month.

Your donation will keep this site live.

So, Is it mean you are collecting money for free stuff as other sites are free ?
Of course not. Indeed the source is free but not the others like we mentioned before. The survival of this site is depend on Fans that are concern with SedotMini.

What are the advantage donating this site ?
We'll be very thank fully when our fans help us with donating and of course our donator will get benefit too.

  1. By donating us you will be rewarded membership of this site.
  2. You can get access to DDL links.

*Note: There are some restrictions for new member. You can read it at Donation Page.

What payment gateway do you use for accepting donation ?
For now, we only using paypal for automatic payment as all of our billing for server cost and etc are using paypal too. But we also accept WebMoney, BCA, and Mandiri but please contact us first if using this methods as they are not automatic. You can contact us using Contact Form

*If you want to extending the membership, please donate again about 1-2 weeks before the expired. Expired account automatically deleted by system.

How to donate so I can become a member?
You can click THIS LINK.

*Donations are given without return consideration. Membership is only reward from SeMi to Donators. Never thinking buying membership from donations but always thinking to help funding SeMi!

Only donation from Donation Page that will automatically eligible for membership.

New Anime

There are new animes release, do you encode this ?
Yes, we will encoding new seasonal anime release. Anime from HorribleSubs is proceeded automatically. Second fansub can be submited. But we need help from our fans to submit us some data like wiki link, torrent link and fansub who release it. You can submit all information using comment to us at specific post that I will create every new season.

Incoming search terms:

  • sedot in cm

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